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Excel Intermediate

Course length: 1 day (6 hours)

Overview: This course will show you worksheet management, headers and footers, finding and replacing data, sorting and filtering, cell referencing, and basic formulas and functions.

Prerequisites: Excel Introduction or equivalent experience.

Note: Each participant will receive a USB flash drive to take their exercise files with them.

Class Fee: $219 (one class) / $349 (two classes) / $549 (three classes)


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Class Outline

Working with Rows and Columns

  • Inserting or Deleting a Row or Column
  • Modifying Row Height and Column Width
  • Formatting an Entire Row or Column
  • Hiding or Un-hiding a Row or Column

Using Themes

  • Choosing a Theme for a Worksheet
  • Customizing a Theme
  • Customizing a Theme by Selecting Fonts and Effects

Modifying a Worksheet’s Onscreen and Printed Appearance

  • Formatting a Worksheet Background
  • Changing the Color of a Worksheet Tab
  • Viewing and Printing a Worksheet’s Gridlines
  • Viewing and Printing Column and Row Headings

Inserting Headers and Footers

  • Adding Page Numbers to a Worksheet
  • Inserting a Predefined Header or Footer
  • Adding Content to a Header or Footer
  • Using Headers to Print Titles

Preparing a Document for Printing

  • Adding and Moving a Page Break
  • Setting Margins
  • Setting a Worksheet’s Orientation
  • Scaling a Worksheet to Fit on a Printed Page
  • Using Paste Special to Copy Special Data

Organizing Worksheets

  • Copying a Worksheet
  • Renaming a Worksheet
  • Repositioning the Worksheets in a Workbook
  • Hiding and Un-hiding a Worksheet
  • Inserting a New Worksheet into a Workbook
  • Deleting a Worksheet from a Workbook

Working with Multiple Worksheets

  • Working with Multiple Worksheets in a Workbook
  • Hiding and Un-hiding Worksheet Windows in a Workbook

Using Zoom and Freeze to Change the Onscreen View

Finding and Replacing Data

  • Locating Data with the Find Command
  • Replacing Data with the Replace Command
  • Navigating Data with the Go To Command

Ensuring Your Data’s Integrity

  • Restricting Cell Entries to Certain Data Types
  • Allowing Only Specific Values to Be Entered in Cells
  • Removing Duplicate Cells, Rows, or Columns from a Worksheet

Sorting Data

  • Sorting Data on a Single Criterion
  • Sorting Data on Multiple Criteria
  • Sorting Data Using Conditional Formatting
  • Sorting Data Using Cell Attributes

Filtering Data

  • Using AutoFilter
  • Creating a Custom AutoFilter
  • Filtering Data Using Conditional Formatting
  • Filtering Data Using Cell Attributes

Subtotaling Data

  • Grouping and Ungrouping Data for Subtotaling
  • Subtotaling Data in a List

Setting Up Data in a Table Format

  • Formatting a Table with a Quick Style
  • Using the Total Row Command in a Table
  • Adding and Removing Rows or Columns in a Table

Building Basic Formulas

  • Creating a Formula that Performs Addition
  • Creating a Formula that Performs Subtraction
  • Creating a Formula that Performs Multiplication
  • Creating a Formula that Performs Division

Using Cell References in Formulas

  • Using Relative Cell References in a Formula
  • Using Absolute Cell References in a Formula
  • Referring to Data in Another Worksheet
  • Referencing Data in Another Workbook

Using Cell Ranges in Formulas

  • Naming a Range
  • Changing the Size of a Range
  • Keeping Track of Ranges
  • Creating a Formula that Operates on a Named Range

Summarizing Data with Functions

  • Using SUM
  • Using COUNT
  • Using COUNTA
  • Using AVERAGE
  • Using MIN
  • Using MAX

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Classes are offered in the Office 2010 version. Participants with either Office 2007 or Office 2013 could also take these classes since the three versions (Office 2007, 2010, and 2013) are very similar.

If you would like to register for a course, call (619) 876-4224 ext 210 or you may register online.