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Excel Introduction

Course length: 1 day (6 hours)

Overview: This course will get you started using Microsoft Excel in a productive, hands-on manner. We’ll start with creating, printing, and saving worksheets, and move on to editing and formatting your worksheets.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Windows, as well as basic keyboarding skills.

Note: Each participant will receive a USB flash drive to take their exercise files with them.

Class Fee: $219 (one class) / $349 (two classes) / $549 (three classes)


Printable Class Outline: Excel Introduction PDF

Class Outline

Starting Excel

Working in the Excel Window

  • Using Onscreen Tools
  • Navigating the Ribbon
  • Introducing Backstage
  • Using the Microsoft Office File Tab and Backstage View

Changing Excel’s View

  • Splitting a Window
  • Opening a New Window

Working with an Existing Workbook

  • Opening an Existing Workbook
  • Navigating a Worksheet

Working with Excel’s Help System

Accessing and Using Backstage View

  • Saving a Document with Backstage

Printing with Backstage

  • Printing and Previewing with Backstage
  • Using Quick Print to Print a Worksheet
  • Setting the Print Area
  • Printing Selected Worksheets with Backstage
  • Printing Selected Workbooks with Backstage
  • Applying Printing Options with Backstage
  • Changing a Printer with Backstage

Changing the Excel Environment in Backstage

  • Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar with Backstage
  • Customizing the Ribbon with Backstage
  • Customizing the Excel Default Settings with Backstage
  • Altering Document Properties in Backstage

Accessing and Using Excel Templates

  • Accessing Excel Templates Online

Creating Workbooks

  • Starting a Workbook from Scratch

Entering and Editing Basic Data in a Worksheet

  • Entering Basic Data in a Worksheet
  • Editing a Cell’s Contents

Using Data Types to Populate a Worksheet

  • Entering Labels and Using AutoComplete
  • Entering Dates
  • Entering Values
  • Filling a Series with Auto Fill

Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Data

  • Copying a Data Series with the Mouse
  • Moving a Data Series with the Mouse
  • Copying and Pasting Data
  • Cutting and Pasting Data

Editing a Workbook’s Keywords

  • Assigning Keywords

Saving the Workbook

  • Naming and Saving a Workbook Location
  • Saving a Workbook under a Different Name
  • Saving a Workbook in a Previous Excel Format
  • Saving in Different File Formats

Inserting and Deleting Cells

  • Inserting a New Cell in a Worksheet
  • Deleting Cells from a Worksheet

Manually Formatting Cell Contents

  • Selecting Cells and Ranges
  • Aligning Cell Contents
  • Choosing Fonts and Font Sizes
  • Applying Special Character Attributes
  • Changing Font Color
  • Filling Cells with Color
  • Applying Number Formats
  • Wrapping Text in a Cell
  • Merging and Splitting Merged Cells
  • Placing Borders around Cells

Copying Cell Formatting with the Format Painter

Formatting Cells with Styles

  • Applying a Cell Style
  • Modifying a Cell Style

Working with Hyperlinked Data

  • Placing a Hyperlink in a Cell
  • Removing a Hyperlink from a Cell

Apply Conditional Formatting to Cells

  • Using the Rule Manager to Apply Conditional Formats
  • Applying Multiple Conditional Formatting Rules
  • Applying Specifi c Conditional Formats

Clearing a Cell’s Formatting

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Classes are offered in the Office 2010 version. Participants with either Office 2007 or Office 2013 could also take these classes since the three versions (Office 2007, 2010, and 2013) are very similar.

If you would like to register for a course, call (619) 876-4224 ext 210 or you may register online.