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QuickBooks Level 3 

Course length: 1 day (3 hours)

Overview:  In this class, students will not only learn how to record deposits and create customer and vendor returns and credits, but, upon completion, be able to create company reports such as Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss Statements, Account Receivable and Payable summaries.  The class also covers introduction of QuickBooks payroll processing, fixed asset control, and skills needed to calculate and expense deprecation of assets.

Prerequisites: QuickBooks Level 2 or equivalent knowledge.

Software: Intuit QuickBooks Premier 2015.

Note: Each participant will receive a USB flash drive to take their exercise files with them.

Class Fee: $219 (one class) / $349 (two classes) / $549 (three classes)


Printable Class Outline: QuickBooks Level 3 PDF

Class outline

Working with Budgets

  • Setting up and working with the budget module

Financial Reporting

  • Creating and analyzing financial reports

Fixed Asset Control

  • Setting up fixed asset deprecation
  • Calculation and reporting accumulated depreciation

Payroll Processing

  • Set up QuickBooks for payroll processing
  • Inputting personnel information
  • Importing payroll tax tables
  • Processing payroll and paying taxes

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