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PowerPoint Advanced

Course length: 1 day (6 hours)

Overview: This course rounds out the PowerPoint training with emphasis on more advanced features, such as illustrations and graphics, using animations and multimedia files, then how to record and share your presentations on CD as well as online.

Prerequisites: Introductory and Intermediate classes or equivalent experience.

Note: Each participant will receive a USB flash drive to take their exercise files with them.

Class Fee: $219 (one class) / $349 (two classes) / $549 (three classes)


Printable Class Outline: PowerPoint Advanced PDF

Class Outline

Adding a Picture to a Slide

  • Inserting a Clip Art Picture
  • Inserting a Picture from a File

Formatting Graphical Elements

  • Using the Ruler, Gridlines, and Guides
  • Rotating or Flipping an Object
  • Cropping Objects
  • Resizing Objects
  • Applying a Style to a Picture
  • Correcting Brightness and Sharpness
  • Applying Color Adjustments
  • Adding Effects to a Picture
  • Adding Artistic Effects
  • Removing an Image’s Background
  • Changing a Picture
  • Compressing the Images in a Presentation

Adding Shapes to Slides

  • Drawing Lines
  • Drawing Basic Shapes
  • Adding Text to Shapes
  • Formatting Shapes
  • Setting a New Default Format

Organizing Objects on a Slide

  • Setting the Order of Objects
  • Aligning Objects with Each Other
  • Grouping Objects Together

Creating a Photo Album Presentation

Setting Up Slide Transitions

  • Applying and Modifying a Transition Effect
  • Determining How Slides Will Advance

Animating Your Slides

  • Applying Animations
  • Using Motion Path Animation
  • Modifying an Animation’s Start Options and Timing
  • Using the Animation Pane
  • Using Animation Painter

Adding Media Clips to a Presentation

  • Adding an Audio File to a Slide
  • Adding a Video to a Slide
  • Formatting Video or Audio Content
  • Sizing and Arranging Video or Audio Content
  • Compressing Media

Saving As a Presentation in Different Formats

  • Saving a Picture Presentation
  • Saving a Presentation in PDF or XPS Format
  • Saving a Presentation as an Outline
  • Saving a Presentation as an OpenDocument Presentation
  • Saving a Presentation as a PowerPoint Show
  • Saving a Slide or Object as a Picture

Creating a Video

Adjusting Slide Orientation and Size

  • Selecting Slide Orientation
  • Setting Slide Size

Customizing Audience Handouts

  • Customizing the Handout Master
  • Exporting Handouts to Word

Choosing Slides to Display

  • Omitting Selected Slides from a Presentation
  • Creating a Custom Show

Rehearsing Your Delivery

  • Rehearsing Timings
  • Adjusting Timing
  • Clearing Timings

Setting Up a Slide Show

Working with Presentation Tools

  • Moving Through a Presentation
  • Annotating Slides with the Pen or Highlighter
  • Editing Ink Annotations

Recording a Presentation

  • Recording an Entire Presentation
  • Recording the Current Slide

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Classes are offered in the Office 2010 version. Participants with either Office 2007 or Office 2013 could also take these classes since the three versions (Office 2007, 2010, and 2013) are very similar.

If you would like to register for a course, call (619) 876-4224 ext 210 or you may register online.